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Alpha Vital is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on people’s wellbeing. We achieve this with unmatched innovation, thoughtful education and caring, friendly service. Our team supplies and recommends only the best products for our customers’ health, safety and fitness.

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Alpha Vital provides high quality, end-to-end health, safety and fitness solutions to businesses and individuals all around Australia. Our products and services are offered over two main categories Alpha Sport and Alpha First Aid.

Alpha First Aid is Australia’s largest supplier of first aid supplies to the industrial sector and a trusted first aid training provider. Alpha Sport is Australia's leading distributor of physiotherapy, sports med, rehab and wellbeing products.

Together we are proud to supply products and training to some of Australia’s best businesses and sportspeople.

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Our ultimate goal is to care for, protect and help others. That’s why we always do our best to deliver great value, reliable products and thoughtful advice. You can rely on the Alpha Vital team to listen carefully to your needs and offer compassionate, responsive service.


We believe honesty is key to earning our customers’ and suppliers’ trust. We’re proud to operate an ethical business and enjoy working with businesses and individuals who share this value. You’ll get objective and impartial advice and reasonable prices from Alpha Vital.


We know the fastest route to success for ourselves, our clients and suppliers is great teamwork. Through collaboration and partnership, we overcome setbacks and achieve so much more than when working alone. You’ll find Alpha Vital to be genuine team players.


Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement, knowledge and innovation. We’re proud of the specialist expertise we have developed and nurtured among the Alpha Vital team. You can depend on us for state-of-the-art products, expert advice, education and support.

Why choose
Alpha Vital

Mining, Resources
and Energy
Schools and
Education Facilities
Government and Councils
Building, Construction
and Trades
PPE Resellers

Huge range of products!

Consolidate your purchasing, find what you need all in one place.

Buy more, save more.

We offer discounts for bulk purchases on a range of products to save you on day to day items you use the most.

Always at your service.

Your dedicated account manager is available to provide answers, advice, problem solving and training.

Quality you can rely on.

You’ll always get the truth, not a sales pitch, we won’t recommend a product we don’t believe in 100%.

Tailored assessments.

Our personalised solutions are designed to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

QLD family owned & operated.

You’ll enjoy meeting our friendly team. We’re easy to work with and we really get to know your needs.

Industries we supply to

Fire, Emergency
Services and Police
Australian Military
and Special Forces
Corporate Offices
and Businesses
First Aid Resellers
Gyms, Pilates Instructors
and Personal Trainers
Marine, Parks
and Wildlife
Sporting Clubs
Health Professionals
Aged Care Facilities
Hotels and Casinos

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Businesses or individuals that seek first aid solutions, kits, supplies or training.

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Businesses or individuals that seek fitness, sports med, rehab & wellbeing products.

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